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Step 1 - JOIN

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More for Less

More for Less

SFX specializes in high-quality and high-demand resort exchange opportunities at fees far below the “other exchange companies”.

Greater Access

Greater Access

SFX provides access to many quality resorts and hotels, without the limitations of you being restricted to resorts in just one exchange network.

Vacation Concierge

Vacation Concierge

Our SFX Vacation Concierge team will help you customize your next dream vacation. Experience the difference with our personalized vacation planning service.

Diamond Exclusives

Diamond Exclusives

Hand-picked travel deals & getaways available exclusively to Diamond members.

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Frequently Asked questions

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Can we be a member of more than one exchange company?

Yes. Regardless of any affiliation your resort has with an exchange company, as an owner of your time, you have the right to request the service of any exchange company you want. An exchange service is a separate and distinct option to your vacation exchange purchase.

As a Gold Member, prior to making a Request, what is the procedure?

You are required to Deposit your week first with SFX. To do this, please contact your resort’s reservation department, and reserve a week. Then login to your SFX account, and complete Deposit Form to bank your week. Then you can request your vacation exchange.

How does SFX access space?

SFX invites those who own in the best located and preferred quality resorts to participate; This is called “Market Matching”. If everyone has something that everybody wants, then you have a system of equitable supply and demand. In addition to Member deposits, SFX obtains special blocks of quality space directly from resorts.

What are the primary differences between SFX and other exchange companies?

SFX vacation exchanges have a higher consistency of quality, greater flexibility and less cost. Also, instead of only having access to the inventory of one exchange company, with SFX you can access resorts that are in multiple exchange companies.

If we choose not to use our week this year, can we accrue our week for a future exchange?

Yes. As with most exchange companies, SFX gives you up to 2 years past your deposited week in which to use your week for an exchange.

How far in advance should we request an exchange?

It is suggested to make your request at least 8-12 months ahead.. There are no absolute rules or guarantees for this process, as it is driven primarily by external market factors, seasonality, and ongoing changes in availability of new and existing inventory due to new developments and occasional renovations of existing properties. Probably the most important rule is to be as flexible as you can with dates and/or locations and Deposit your week early.