Your Activities

Dive into some of the finest waters on the planet!

Spend your days swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, or simply relax and enjoy the ocean's sights and sounds.


Set off from your yacht on a little adventure of exploration one afternoon. Our steady ocean kayaks available on all catamarans offer you the possibility of leaving the yacht in order to explore the more hidden and secluded areas of coastline.


Have some fun exercising, or alternatively take some drinks and a book with you to spend some private time with your loved one on a deserted beach or in a cove. Paradise awaits you, in whichever form you choose to manifest it.


Many of the world's most colorful reefs and underwater habitats are in shallow waters, perfect for a lazy afternoon of snorkeling over the abundant undersea landscapes.


Explore the local colorful markets, where you will find that extra-special treasure to take home.


We have fishing equipment available for trolling whilst underway, or you can try your luck at anchor as well. Sashimi or Sushi anyone?


Our itineraries take you to some of the finest underwater environments with the clearest waters on the planet.And your captain or his first mate is a qualified dive master, so you can dive right off the back of your yacht...


Here you will find the oceanic flora and fauna in its natural place, expressed as fish, crustaceans, coral and other magnificent life forms that abound in this timeless place. Explore "The Big Blue" with us on your next cruise. Prepare to be amazed!